Minneapolis' Bind is reinventing health insurance

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One Minnesota company is bent on disrupting the health care industry. Minneapolis-based Bind aligns insurance with treatment paths, providing core coverage from the first dollar spent, but allowing members to add optional coverage at any time throughout the year, not just during open enrollment or a life-qualifying event. Read More
Mayo Clinic has long been known for its commitment to delivering world-class medical care and research. It has also been at the forefront of health education to encourage informed lifestyle decisions. We sat down with Donald Hensrud, M.D., medical director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living program to learn more about the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living program. Read More
Longtime readers of Minnesota Business will note a change in this year’s awards in the health sector. We’ve transitioned from our previous concept of “Leaders in Health Care,” to  honoring innovators in both health and wellness. Read More

Michael Resnick is professor emeritus at the Department of Pediatrics at the U of M. He was also the Director of the Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center and Leadership Education in Adolescent Health Fellowship Program.
MNBIZ: What’s changed in adolescent health studies?
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People struggling with mental illnesses face multiple obstacles to get treatment. There’s the process of finding an appropriate provider, then making time for an appointment and figuring out how to pay for it. Minnesota’s mental health system has a well-documented backlog that often leads to a wait for services. Read More
Innovative companies and leaders are the lifeblood of the Minnesota health care industry — its heartbeat, if you will. Minnesota Business magazine is dedicated to recognizing the state's spectacular health care, wellness and medical technology business leaders. Read More

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Christine “Chris” Bent knows health. She has been a health executive for two decades, donning such three-letter titles as EVP, COO and SVP. So it is our community’s great fortune to have Chris at the helm of one of the state’s prominent health organizations, Allina Health. Read More