Made in Minnesota

Where there's a will...there's Willful Goods

Born of a colorful aesthetic and a need for practicality

By Hannah Wagener

Araya Jensen is devoted to making kitchen and home products that are both functional and colorful. “For me, function comes first,” Jensen says, “and of course, I love creating and mixing new colors.”

Modeled after Minnesotan sunsets and plant life, the color range in hand-dipped Willful Goods is stunning. “It’s the details in nature that I draw a lot of inspiration from,” Jensen says.

Starting with simple and useful home goods like bowls and spoons, Jensen stumbled upon her Willful painting aesthetic while trying to fill a gift basket. Seeking a more colorful array, Jensen looked into creating her own goods.

After 12 years in kitchen and bath design, Jensen had her “if there’s a will, there’s a way” moment after being laid off. Her “way” was to start Willful. Previously known as Wind and Willow Home, Jensen changed the name to Willful after deciding to make all of her own products.

Jensen finds a special joy partnering with groups like the American Refugee Committee. “The intention is bringing people together who are creating great, beautiful products and [benefit] their livelihood,” Jensen says.