Work hard. Play harder.

Local leader Wendy Wiesman inspires others with #LetsLead

The Coven was created to “cultivate a dynamic and diverse community of people who inspire each other to live more empowered lives”. Each week they host different events for members and this week Wendy Wiesman, a founding member, kicked off her #LetsLead series with an inspiring presentation on leadership. 

For those who know Wendy or follow her on social media @wiesman you know she has a motto - Work Hard. Play harder. That’s exactly what she did with her refreshing take on leadership mixing in personal stories, fun imagery and some sage advice on leadership. 

Wendy believes it is time to change the leadership paradigm and the change that needs to happen is going to come from individual leaders.

“The time to lead is now and the expectation is rising” Wiesman said to a room full of Coven members. She went on to explain what leadership means to her and some of her experiences while leading the marketing team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN. 


Photo Credit: Robyn Anderson

She also pointed out that “sometimes the thing that comes to you most naturally is the thing you need to continue to pound away at.”

Encouraging members to listen to what comes natural to them and embrace their ethos she also reminded the audience to develop their expertise. Developing expertise in an area gives you creditability to lead in that area. She also encouraged the audience to raise their hand to volunteer for projects even if they don’t think they are 100% qualified. Sharing her insight as a leader, she said that she and other leaders look for people who step up to the challenge and be that next wave of leaders. 

Her presentation consisted of three concepts. 1.) Think like a leader, 2.) Act like a leader and, 3.) Be a leader. She expanded on each concept sprinkling in words of wisdom and actionable advice along the way. Some of that advice includes:

  • Your growth and development is your own. 
  • Think about the qualities you need to develop as a leader.
  • Leadership is bigger than you and you have to start thinking about the team. Create a “one team” mentality that serves the greater good. 
  • Be ok with the change you’re leading through. Learn from mistakes but don’t apologize for uncomfortable situations. 
  • Forget your title act outside of your bubble while being supportive of the larger team vision. Don’t ask permission, take charge. 
  • Do what feels natural to you.

Maybe it’s because I’m a communicator, my favorite piece of advice was, “Ask yourself, who needs to know, why do they need to know? Then tell them and tell a few more people – don’t assume people know or are paying attention to what you are doing.”

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